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PPGI SGCC PPGL Dx51D 26gague cold rolled color coated aluminum zinc

Steel Coil Color Coated Galvanized Steel Coil Iron Coil

The galvanized steel sheet is to prevent the surface corrosion of the steel sheet to prolong its service life, and a layer of metal zinc is coated on the surface of the steel sheet, and the galvanized steel sheet is called a galvanized sheet.

According to the production and processing method can be divided into

(1) Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. The sheet is placed in a bath of molten zinc to adhere a layer of zinc flakes to its surface. At present, the continuous galvanizing process is mainly used, that is, the galvanized steel sheet is continuously rolled in the melt galvanizing tank;

(2) Alloying of galvanized steel. This kind of steel panel is made by hot dip method, but after slotting, it is heated to a temperature of about 500℃ immediately to form a zinc-iron alloy film. This galvanized sheet has good coating and weldability; 


product namePPGI / PPGL Coils
width600mm-1500mm, according to customer requirements
thickness0.12-6.00mm, or customer requirements
length6-12m or according to customer requirements
special patternWrinkle/Grass/Wood Grain/Pattern/Matte/Metal Effect/Embossed
advantage1. Low foundation cost 2. Convenient construction 3. Time-saving and labor-saving
standardPPGI: JIS G3303, GB/T 12754-1991; PPGL: ASTM A755/M, JIS G3322
surface treatmentChromated and oiled, and finger-resistant
Coating Process TypeFront: Double coating and double drying; Back: Double coating and double drying; Single coating and double drying
hardnesssoft, semi-rigid, hard


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